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Originally Posted by divine View Post

We did that if so, complete waste of time frankly, it was just an excuse to doss around for an hour a week.
Nope it wasn't called anything like that, it was one specific to our school as I recall. Ours wasn't a waste of time, but then maybe school was different back then, or maybe just our shcool. To 'doss around' wasn't an option at our school, we actually worked in our lessons
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Originally Posted by divine View Post
It's also what happens when everyone goes out and votes in LOCAL elections based on NATIONAL party politics that have absolutely nothing to do with it.

To me, all this round of locals has done is demonstrate a huge chunk of the general public are absolutely retarded.

Well it was local council elections - so you vote for the person who will best serve you locally.

I think many Labourites wasted their votes in the last general election by attempting to stage a protest against Brown which backfired. General elections are for the big, general, idealogically-centred 5 year+ plans that you've got to have personal faith in, and true Statesmanship to make it happen.

There is a huge amount of political complacency, outright retardness and disinterest in politics - everyone seems to be saying the same thing in the same accent in the same salesman's suit. It's become so anodyne that people simply don't understand how it's going to hit their communities and pockets

Council elections are indeed for the person best qualified and most likely to get the job done where you live. You might want a Tory government, but if your Conservative candidate's an alcoholic shoplifter you'd be better off ticking the bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed-with-a-politics-degree UKIP candidate's box, but all parties throw in 'losers' for what are deemed unwinnable seats - so where's the choice.

The tyranny of democracy, eh ?
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