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Default Getting Back into it...

So after some years without a dslr camera, (having sold my 350D to raise funds and then Jo selling her 50D to pay for a vet bill), I have been slowly saving up and plumped for a spanking new 70D with kit 18-55mm lens.

We were given an old film SLR kit (Minolta) with some lenses which obv won't fit, but some accessories will! There was a modular Cokin set with some grad filters and a few screw in filters, one of which was the right diameter (52mm) to fit the kit lens (a linear polariser).

Now the bug has bitten and I want to get some new lenses. Jo used to have an 18-200mm canon lens but right now I'm out of cash (this was a 72mm diameter lens and Jo still has a 72mm Cokin filter hood with ND filter so that's good to go if/when we get a new lens if the size is right).
In the meantime, very excited about playing around again and already testing out the polariser even if the camera gets confused when focussing and sampling light level!

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