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Some Westies are nasty little buggers at times others can be fine from my experiences of knowing people with them growing up.
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That's true of any dog breed though. Any dog can be dangerous with the wrong upbringing.
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nipples lol (o)(o)
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Patch is our JR, most of the time he's acting a tart like this

Or being a muppet like this

Or guarding the rabbit like this

Oh, or attention seeking

(im posting all this for Vix's benefit as she never gets enough of him )

That said, he is never ever ever left alone with a child, because as cute as he is, wound up he is a little git, and will get aggressive if someone tries to take food off him for example.
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Chris' mum has a JR from a rescue centre, she will try to bite anyone who leaves the room she is in (we think she has abandonment issues) or comes to the door. I would never let her near children because she would just bite them. Although she is a nice little thing when she wants to be.

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Laddie was a Westie and anyone who met him knows what a big softy he was. In my experience as a breed they're rather mellow, but as kitten said I really think it depends on the owners.

I remember when my cousin was about 8 (I was 16) he came round and for some reason Laddie just started growling at him. We instantly locked the dog in the kitchen. Then his dad told us he's scared of dogs and we think laddie pick up on that. Next time they visited Laddie was licking him, playing being a happy pleasant dog. (Which cured my cousin of his fear btw and got a dog after nagging his dad for about 5 years hehe)

Responsibility of the dog owner IMO. Plus if a dog as nipped a child before the minimum measure the owner should take for the future is a muzzle when around children.

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Charlie the softest dog on the planet bit (ish) Sophie on the face twice when she was little. Both time involved her falling off the sofa onto various parts of him while he was asleep and him reacting as dogs react. He was mortified both times and she was neither hurt nor particularly upset. This kind of thing is just one of those things. Allowing a known biter to roam around young children is irresponsible and they can't really be shocked when people start demanding their dog gets put to sleep.

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